NXT Chitty-Chatty Bang Bang! 5-31-17

June 5, 2017

The Jobberjaws of Wrestling are baaaaack!!!! And so is NXT apparently! Let's see just how much better NXT is this week! The Jobberjaws take on NXT's return to Full Sail after Takeover Chicago.


NXT Chitty-Chatty Bang Bang! 5-24-17

June 5, 2017

Why does WWE do this? Give us a wonderful NXT Takeover, and follow it up with half-hearted nonsense? The Jobberjaws of Wrestling are back... but it feels like NXT isn't.

They take on WWE's ridiculous plan of overbooking takeover, then not booking a show to follow it up, and instead give us dark matches that aren't the level of NXT.

And WDR is going to tear it a new one. WFJ is with Fantastic Matt and Strangely Jae to give his opinions and open ended hatred of this as well. ENJOY!


Best of Seven - Backlash 2017

June 4, 2017

The Jobberjaws of Wrestling are BAAAAACK! Finally, the return of WFJ, and the return of Best of Seven! Today, they're taking on WWE Backlash 2017... and the slump that WWE has after every Takeover event... Hear their opinions, but give us yours! wrestledorkradio@gmail.com or on twitter @wrestle_dork!

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NXT Chitty-Chatty Bang Bang! 5-20-17 - TAKEOVER!

May 21, 2017

AND WE'RE BACK!!!! The Jobberjaws of Wrestling take on Takeover Chicago! They figured be inconsistent in the other direction for once and are giving you a double dose of WDR goodness!

Watch the show. Then listen to this show. Then tell us your opinions. Maybe we'll ask you to guest star.


Don't take my word for it. I'm just a liner note.


NXT Chitty-Chatty Bang Bang! 5-17-17

May 20, 2017

The Bang Bang is BACK! We're thinking this may become a weekly thing... Unless Matt falls asleep on Jae... because recording is probably the only thing Jae does on Fridays. Get their ideas, and suggestions on matches to watch during the week... and how much they're hating commercials happening in the middle of matches!

Seriously, though, WWE... stop that shit now.


NXT Chitty-Chatty Bang Bang! 5-10-17

May 13, 2017

AND WE'RE BACK!!! Still experimenting with what will make the show solid... this week Fantastic Matt and Strangely Jae run down NXT, and some possible futures of the business... welcome to the Chitty-Chatty Bang Bang.


EP011 - Part Time Models

April 9, 2017

Would you look at that... The Jobberjaws of Wrestling are giving you a special second episode this weekend... why? Because Jae is effing lazy and didn't post this last week!

This took place BEFORE Wrestlemania, and talks about one of the biggest topics in wrestling today... Part Timers. Are they a good thing for the buusiness?



@wrestle_dork on Twitter


All that jazz!


Best of Seven - Apr. 7, 2017 - Wrestlemania Dork Radio

April 8, 2017

The Jobberjaws of Wrestling are BAAAAAACK!!! This time covering Wrestlemania Weekend 2017! Do you think WWE has gone too far with seven hours of WWE programming in one day? Do you think they've gone too far jobbing Undertaker to Roman? Do you think they've gone too far firing JTG a few years ago?



@wrestle_dork on Twitter!



One Fall - The Effing Fans

March 7, 2017

THIS PODCAST IS SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL!!!  And guess what? It's all about you! You jerk faces! Can't shut the eff up and let us enjoy wrestling! It's ok. We still love you.

But we hate you, too. And so here we are. It's feuding time!


Best of Seven - Feb. 17, 2017 - Elimination Chamber 2017

March 7, 2017

Best of... eh... Mediocre of Seven. WWE's multiple upon multiple PPVs are wearing the WDR crew down a little. Elimination Chamber is over, and the Jobberjaws of Wrestling are going to beat each other up because they just can't take it anymore!

..of seven!