EP005 - The Bigger They Are

October 8, 2016

The Jobberjaws of wrestling talk about the giants in the business. Who they were to them, who they are now... the best and the worst. The Big Man. What are your thoughts about them? Hit us up at wrestledorkradio@gmail.com !!!


ONE FALL - Eva Marie

September 24, 2016

This Podcast is scheduled... FOR ONE FALL!!!

Uncensored hatred of something that's been going on in the business at some point in the spectrum. This time around? Eva Marie. It's almost as if WWE doesn't realize our hatred isn't because she's a bad guy. We lay this one on THICK.

You were warned.

Best Of Seven - Sept. 17, 2016

September 17, 2016

Jobberjaws are hitting the news of Smackdown's first solo PPV, and reminisce about the Cruiserweight Clasic! Best of Seven... the week of 9/17/16


Best Of Seven - Sept. 2, 2016

September 3, 2016

The Jobberjaws talk SummerSlam, the two WWE Universal champions, and cuss up a storm... they really need to work on that... all in this first of their Post PPV series: Best of Seven!


EP004 - The Missing Piece

August 19, 2016

The Jobber Jaws of wrestling discuss the missing piece in certain careers that had that moment where they could, but have faded in some way or another... and they end up having a missing piece of the show, thanks to one grumpy bastard.

Hit us up at wrestledorkradio@gmail.com or on twitter @wrestle_dork and give us your opinions on what may be the missing piece!

EP003 - Before and After The Monday Night War

August 6, 2016

Before and After.

The Jobberjaws go over the changes in WWE and wrestling as a whole due to the five years of "war" they had with WCW. What was fandom like before it? How was wrestling after it? Hear some idiotic opinions, and pipe in with your own as wrestledorkradio@gmail.com or on Twitter @wrestle_dork


ONE FALL - The Hardys

July 29, 2016

ONE FALL. DISCLAIMER - Editing doesn't exist in One Fall.

Tonight? We hate on Jeff Hardy, love on Matt Hardy... and hate on Jeff Hardy a bit more.


EP002 - Dying Fires

July 19, 2016

The Jobberjaws discuss a few "fires" in the company that WWE isn't fond of stoking and is instead letting them burn out despite the fans love for them. 

Do you agree or disagree? Hit up wrestledorkradio@gmail.com... give us your opinions on what we're considering dying fires.

EP001 - The Draft

July 7, 2016

The Jobberjaws of wrestling are here with a double-sized special to kick off their run!

In This Episode: A fantasy draft to help kick off WWE's, the WDR guys put together who they'd pick to head out their brands... if it were up to them... Well, WWE might be in trouble... but what do you think? Hit up wrestledorkradio@gmail.com and give them some whatfor!

That Magic Moment

July 7, 2016

The Jobberjaws of wrestling are here!

In This Episode: Strangely, WDJ, OGB, and Fantastic all give a taste of themselves, showing what moment in wrestling made them a fan, what talent holds their favorite spot at that exact moment, who is their guilty pleasure, and what they hope for the future of the biggest company in the world, WWE.